About us


Fundación PETISOS exists to prevent the abuse of children’s rights and by working with children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, we seek to reclaim and restore their violated rights. We use a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach, drawing upon a diverse network of resources and support to achieve these goals.

Our Vision

We strive to create a world in which every child and adolescent is able to effectively exercise his or her own rights. Our ultimate goal is to form a just and equitable society that provides children with the opportunity to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle and look forward to a bright future. Drawing from our diverse educational backgrounds, the most recent research and experience, we seek to produce new tools and knowledge that will prevent the abuse of children’s rights and also restore and promote rights that are already being violated.

Our Values

  • The promotion and defense of human rights
  • Fair and equal access to opportunities
  • Professionalism
  • Building a community of trust and confidentiality
  • Financial transparency