PETISOS is a community organization dedicated to children´s and adolescent´s rights. Working within socially vulnerable populations we always recognize children and adolescents as persons with full rights, and not only as helpless subjects of protection. Our highest goal is to generate a new social compact, free of exploitation and abuse of children. In order to achieve that we have strategic alliances with: local and regional government agencies, the business community, organizations devoted to protection and promotion of children´s rights, organizations within the broad civil society, families and communal groups.


'Juega Limpio 2008' valora la reacción a su informe sobre trabajo infantil en los JJOO pero pide más medidas

La campaña internacional ‘Juega Limpio 2008’ (PlayFair 2008), organizada por […]

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Explotación infantil rumbo a Pekín 2008

PEKÍN (France Presse).— Los organizadores de los Juegos Olímpicos de […]

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Latinoamérica: Diferentes miradas sobre el trabajo infantil

Cristiano MorsolinUn estudio de la Plataforma NAT de Bolivia revela […]

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