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Petisos headquarters in Buenos Aires began a campaign by the Cultural Center Osvaldo Miranda requesting donations of instruments for youth orchestra project aimed at boys and girls from 7 to 18 years, coordinated and directed by musician Hugo Wolf, Dancing Mood leader and along with support from Petisos in execution.

The band performed recitals in April to raise funds to benefit the orchestra and its financing. In addition, we are asking those who have the opportunity to donate instruments and music stands, to communicate with us. It will soon open a spot for people who want to collaborate on a voluntary register.See you there!

Contact: orquesta@fundacionpetisos.com.ar
Facebook: orquestainfantojuvenil

Come Volunteer of the Pibes

If you are in Buenos Aires, you can sumarte the project “Let the Pibes. The project will start in the month of July, where we first training spaces approaches in childhood, and in August, will start activities with boys and girls between 7 and 17 years.
Volunteers may be recorded in different activities depending on their availability and commitment. Among these, be part of music workshops with the kids, with support for teachers, to be part of recreational and share snacks with the kids and family and join the team management, communication and fundraising. All activities will be held in Buenos Aires, in the neighborhood of Villa Crespo.

If you’re interested / a, we ask that you enter to “volunteer and fill the form. If in doubt, orquesta@petisos.org.ar comunicate to you there!